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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> we are over an east oakland neighborhood here 84th avenue and a street where police are canvassing the area after reports of gunfire. about 15 to 20 shots were detected by the shot spotter system. officers responded to the scene 30 minutes ago and found shell casings but no victim from the shooting. >> a school was in lockdown as a precaution. the shooting happened a block away from the campus and an the
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corner from a baptist church. we will monitor the story for any developments. >> the parent of a boy and girl are in stock over the devastating losses in the family because their 12-year-old son is accused of stabbing his 8-year-old sister to death in calaveras. thank you for joining us. >> grief counselors have been called to help children at the school attended by the fowler children. her brother said an intruder killed her. our news reporter joins us from the newsroom with the latest. cornell? >> another blow for the small community. days ago police were looking if a suspect described as a man with long gray hair and now the manhunt is over and leila fowler's own brother is charged with her murder. experts say trying the case will be tough. parents dropping kids off at the elementary school in calaveras county are still dealing with the fuzz. the 12-year-old boy of leila fowler now charged with her
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murder. >> very sad. what can you say? i am glad it is not an adult. >> grief counselors arrest at the school available to students and teacher whose may need to taught. she was found stabbed to death april 27. her killing set off an intense manhunt across calaveras county. her brother told police that he saw an intruder run from the home but authorities never found the suspect. >> he later joined family members at a vigil. he is a juvenile. his mother says that the boy would never hurt anyone. >> my son has been protective of his sister. i just...i don't know. >> the sheriff will not say what kind of evidence led them to art boy but a law schoolboy says trying the boy for homicide is difficult. he is too young to be tried as an adult. >> we have to assume that the prosecutor thinks it is a very strong case because normally it
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on be difficult to go forward with a case like this because of the sympathy if you only going to have the young looking boy there, the victim will not be there, so, it can be a case where it's difficult to overcome the natural sympathies of the trier. i assume it is a strong case. >> dinner fundraiser has been canceled and some even want their money back because they angry and others have victim petition for the family offering to cover burying costs. her brother will likely be in juvenile court tomorrow. >> cornell, thank you. happening now an upscale neighborhood in lake county is literally sinking into the ground destroying homes and driving residents away. the frightening power of mother nature is on displace in lake port where many are evacuated and worrying their homes could be next. abc7 news reporter has the
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latest on that. >> what is happening to this neighborhood is a slow-motion catastrophe. homes crumbling, bit by bit as the ground gives way beneath them. >> there is no cheerer example than this. i am sitting on a driveway of a house that has sunk 10' to 12'. >> we toured the sinking subdivision with a man whose home is safe now and now sleeps with one eye open. >> look at this crack, it goes through the middle of the street. >> up the driveway, but, look, all the way to the house where it pulled it apardon 6". >> there is something you cannot see the ground is so unlevel as i walk the front's i am leaning a different direction than where the rest of the house has fallen. >> eight homes is been abandoned and ten more face evacuation because of what seems to be a mysterious and sudden gusher of underground water. neighbors blame everything from a faulty fire hydrant to a nearby dormant volcano.
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>> lot of proceedingen dreams and uprooted >> it gets worse. neighbors say they have been told insurance coverage is unlikely. >> the property values are gone. we have no equity. this is if lockdown. probably will be locked down maybe our entire lives. >> sewage pipes have been re-directed and mail carriers have been told to avoid this neighborhood. at least until the ground stops moving. >> happening now, a search is underway in lake county for a nine-year-old girl from san francisco. this is a picture of the girl who is autistic and ununable to speak. she was last seen in the front yard yesterday afternoon. because of her mental state, her age and the circumstances, she is considered to be at risk. an amber issueed was taken
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because. >> protesters will stay put ousted property at birdally after a police raid. is video of the seen occupy the familiar protesters, planning to reconvene this afternoon at the plot they turned into a farm over the weekend. police cleared the property this morning and arrested a man would refused to leave. over the weekend, protesters moved on to the land to plant crops to protest the possibility super market and senior housing plan. >> close to a dozen big money sponsors could be joining the effort to bring the 2016 super bowl to the bay area. our news reporter spoke with san francisco may about this and amy hollyfield joins us. >> good morning, the mayor told me he is surprised, pleasantly, the committee raised so much money so quickly. the committee will have a shiny brand new stadium to hold the
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super bowl in, if we are sleekedded but the committee members say that is not enough. now, they are announcing they is raised $30 million from corporations. the goal was on be at $15 million by now. they are feeling good. they love there are san francisco companies like the gap and silicon valley companies like apple and google all contributing. they say that shows the nfl that the entire region is on board and is excited. >> it is just a tremendous excitement about it and i am very happy to see such immediate positive response on this. i think it is going to be the best bid going forward to the national football league owners and they will be thoroughly impressed and we will be excited to host it here in san francisco. while the game is played in santa clara, we will enjoy all of the nfl experience, all of the major events, with the media coverage here in the city. >> the bay area competition is miami, and that city has hosted more super bowls than any other.
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they are trying to win it. so is the bay area. those trying to bring it here point out we are the new kids on the block so they are working hard to prove the bay area is serious and ready. they will hold a press conference today in an hour to detail the bid to show it is not just about the new stadium or about money only. the mayor said he likes the touch that apple has thrown in, sent new mini ipads to all of the nfl owners who will be voting next week on who will get to host the super bowl in 2016. >> still ahead, a bomb shell announcement from veteran news anchor barbara walters and what she hopes to do next after retirement. >> the last second move by the government over who can buy the
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>> after months of speculation, barbara walters who has inspired and impacted us for decades is hanging up her microphone. abc7 news kira klapper is in the newsroom with the announcement. >> barbara walters wanted to make it known she is perfectly healthy and this retirement is happening on her terms. it is not happening yet. the tv news pioneer will continue to report androm now io
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retire from appearing on television at all. it has been an absolutely joyful, rewarding, challenging, fascinating and occasionally bumpy ride and i would not change a thing. >> barbara walters locked back at her remarkable journalism career that spanned more than 50 years from being the first woman ever to co-anchor a morning show to the first female anchor on an evening newscast, she has interviewed the most important newsmakers across the world and every president and first laid since richard nixon. this morning, on "the show "which she launched 17 years ago, a surprise by her fellow boston native, new york city mayor bloomberg. >> what a surprise. how nice to have you. >> i wouldn't miss this. i was in the neighborhood and you have always been my idol. you want to interview the people that made a difference and you
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are one that made a difference. everyone should interview you! >> love you! >> barbara walters got a standing ovation from the crowd and thanked her dedicated fans, offering that she has been thinking a long time about retirement and that this is what she wants to do. >> i don't want to appear on another program, i don't want to climb another mountain, i want, instead, to sit in a sunny field and admire the gifted women and occasionally, the men, too, would will take my place and most of always i want to say to all of you who have been watching me for so many years and who have traveled the same road i have traveled with me, we have been together a long-term, my couple runs over and i thank you, thank you, thank you. [ applause ] >> after the onair retirement in may of next year pa behalf -- year barbara walters will continue to be co-anchor and there will be special occasions she will appear in front of the
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camera. >> amazing, amazing story. >> the government has filed a last-second appeal to delay the sale of the morning after contraceptive pill to young girls filed before the deadline this morning. last month the federal judge removed the age limits on the bill. today, the justice department lawyers convinced the judge to postpone his order while they appeal. early this month the f.d.a. lowered the minimum rage from 17 to 15. >> so, going back to barbara walters...when someone said to us, you are a woman, you can't, we just looked at barbara walters and said, yes, you can. she hung in all this time. >> she broke this glass ceilings and did stuff even men didn't do. we all look up to her. >> we have a lot sunshine today. we will show you that ahead. and how much cooler it will be
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today in the forecast with the sunshine and cooler weather on the way before a big warming trend this weekend. >> plus, why the end could be near for an oakland-based radio network whose owner predicted the end of the world. >> what is in store for the fire season? the prediction this morning from
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>> covering daily, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> for the first time, president obama is weighing in on the scandal surrounding the internal revenue service. the president spoke at a white house news conference today alongside british prime minister cameron. a new report obtained by abc7 news shows the i.r.s. began targeting conservative groups as far back as 2010 and that senior i.r.s. officials have known about it for two years. >> i can tell you that if you have the i.r.s. operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, that is outrageous. it is contrary to our traditions. people have to be held accountable. it has to be fixed. >> the president addressed the deadly attacks on the consulate in beach gaza, libya, in
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september. he accused republicans of paying politics over criticism. the administration changes the c.i.a. talking points used to describe the attacks. >> the bay area evangelist who predicted the apoca cial troubles. the "contra costa times" reports that he has recently watched his oakland-based family radio ministry lose most of its net worth. insider say donations to the nonprofit have dropped to almost 70 percent since he conceded last year he had no evidence of impending doom when he made the doomsday prediction. family radio has sold off the three largest radio stations and laid off workers. it is $135 million net worth dropped to $29 million in four years. >> students graduating from some universities have to shell out more money to receive their diplomas because 15 of the 23 campuses of cal state have graduation fees.
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east bay now charges $45 to graduate. another charges $100, up $60 from two years ago. uc berkeley graduates have to buy tickets to commencement for $10 each. cal state officials say many campuses are charging separate fees because tuition money can only be used for instruction costs. >> a grim scenario for the 2013 wildfire season in california and across the west. this morning, the agriculture secretary and the interior secretary outlined the fire forecast. they say that high temperatures and drive weather will lead to more wildfires than normal this year. california has already seen several massive wildfires recently, well ahead of the usual start to the fire season. officials are urging homeowners and local communities to take steps to reduce their risk ahead of time. >> mike nicco is looking at the flames and thinking, hmm...
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>> thinning what i need to do an the house to be prepared. >> don't put it off. >> we will talk about what is going to happen now. we will talk about the forecast. here is live doppler 7 hd showing the clouds breaking up at the coast as we speak. no radar returns, no more ll dry weather, but,so, windy d 3:00 this afternoon for the delta, and san francisco bay and out to the coast, all the areas shayed with winds around 15- to 25-knots. that in miles per hour, you multiply by 1.15 through wednesday morning at 3:00. the winds will be around if a while. the satellite shows how things are starting to cloud at the coast. you have a cold front to the north and that is trying to push in dry air and overturn the atmosphere. we are looking from our exploritorium camera to the bay bridge and you can see a few clouds but it will be a sunny
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afternoon, not as warm as yesterday, right now, temperatures are running from one to nine degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. and we will have less cloud cover and cool again tonight and our coolest days will be thursday and friday. you have a warming trend if you are thinking of making lands for the weekend. this is how it looks from emeryville this morning, back to san francisco from the bay bridge, the clouds are lightest at coast. fremont and santa rosa and oakland and all those areas will be two to eight degrees cooler than year. in the south bay, low-to-mid 80's. 78 in los gatos. everyone else, though, in the low-to-mid 70's. we will have low-to-mid 70's for the peninsula and san mateo and north we will have upper 60's. at the coast, upper 50's and 62 in south san francisco, and 67 in south san francisco, excuse me, and sausalito where you have been seeing sunshine, it will be
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68 and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay valley and at the beaches, also, upper 50's. a string up upper 60's through 70's throughout the east bay shoreline and castro valley is warmer at 74 degrees. in the east bay lley, no more 90's, and low-to-mid 80's for you. we have 90's in the central valley, and i will show you that in a second. 63 tonight at 7:05 dropping to 37. and near 100 today in fresno. 91 in sacramento and 75 at tahoe, and 1307 at palm spring -- that is 1307 at palm -- 107 at spokesman -- palm springs. more sunshine in the morning and another front will pass us to the north and it is cool on friday with temperatures below average before the warming trend on saturday and again on sunday. >> still ahead, a happy ending
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for a young a's fan who made a big mistake. >> we can relate to this. that is
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>> at 3:00 on katie, celebrating heroes of boston marathon bombings, with kenny chesney. lots of people are buying discounted drugs on-line. what are the risks? how do you know if what you are getting is real? and at 5:00, why your makeup may need a cleanup. we explain how eye makeup could put your health at risk. >> a happy ending today for a young a's fan who threw back a foul ball without realizing what he was doing. >> look at this, a foul ball came into the stands and he
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threw it back and gave it to another fan who hand it to a boy. the boy realized his mistake and he buried the glove. but, tone, the a's invited the boy to throw out the ceremonial first pitch in the game against the rangers. >> i can imagine what the big brother said. the game at 7:00, i am sure he will get to keep the ball. >> the four-year-old has a great arm. >> he does. 7:05, how will the weather be? >> need the coat. 63 down to 57 which is pretty typical weather.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. with me today is a librarian, a triathlete fromord, new hamps. concord, new hampshire. please welcome amber cushing. nice to meet you, amber. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> okay, you're a triathlete. you do triathlons. any comparison between that and being here on millionaire? >> definitely. so doing a triathlon is about pacing yourself, and it's mental ansay that's the same here. you've got to pace yourself through the questions, and i'm hoping that my training will pay off. >> yeah, and be veocused, so there's the mental part. at all times. >> yes, very focused. >> you brought your mom sharon along with you. nice to see you, sharon. >> hi. >> welcome to the al all right, amber, let's see if all that triathlon training has paid off. let's take a look at the money in your round 1. okay, computer please randomize the money. are the categories and now here are the categor

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